All E-Learning Tutorials Availability Starts August 30, 2019

Family Care Resource Solutions offers a blended combination of in-person training, online webinars, video tutorial curriculum courses and materials with new topics added continuously. This innovative approach is becoming more and more utilized due to reduction of overhead cost and inconvenience of in-person approaches without demoting quality or quantity of the training.

Detailed quantitative study of learning online shows success, even among those with least preparation. researchers have carried out a detailed study that shows that these classes really can teach at least as effectively as traditional classroom courses — and they found that this is true regardless of how much preparation and knowledge students start out with.

The findings have just been published in the International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, in a paper by David Pritchard, MIT’s Cecil and Ida Green Professor of Physics, along with three other researchers at MIT and one each from Harvard University and China’s Tsinghua University.

The study’s basic methodology has been widely used to study the effectiveness of conventional on-campus classes, Pritchard says. At least 65 traditional MIT classes have been studied using the same system of pre- and post-testing of basic concepts, he says, but this is the first time anyone has applied such detailed, systematic testing to the effectiveness of an online class. Pritchard says the results show improvement among online students that is equal to or better than in any of the previously studied traditional classes.

In addition to the before-and-after testing, the study also analyzed in detail the homework and weekly test questions from each student, using an established technique called item-response theory, similar to the methodology used to ensure that results from standardized tests such as the SAT are consistent from one year to the next. The method uses a statistical analysis of each item in the test, Pritchard says, and includes a few of the same questions from other tests being compared, to ensure consistency.

Consistent results

Both of these methods of analyzing the impact of the online class give consistent results, Pritchard says: “All cohorts learn equally,” he says, whether compared on the basis of level of education, degree of preparation in math and physics, or other measures.


The blended program design offers flexibility to meet the needs of individual agencies and their parents that include the following;

  • Parents and childcare professionals interact with instructors with extensive experience
  • Certificates are immediately generated with the passing of course test. Certificates may be emailed or downloaded directly to your computer and printed out. Certificates contain your name, course title, hours credited, and date.
  • Participants may train at their own pace and time.
  • Webinars provide real-time interactive training with live instructor.
  • Cost effective for parents regarding transportation and childcare.

Parent and childcare professional is provided with overview tutorials of "How to Get Started" videos.


 All E-Learning Tutorials Availability Starts August 30, 2019